Get a fast, reliable, and secure web hosting service tailored to your specific needs.

Larger Hosting Firms

Explain your problems several times to different support workers every time you need help.
Get standard replies and denials.
Have no say in how the service should be working.

Smaller Hosting Firms (Like Us ;))

Personal support that remembers your pain points and your business requirements.
Answers backed by thought and care.
Adaptive to your requirements.

Try For Free

If you aren't certain about us or what kind of hosting you need, then you are very welcome to try us out for free, without any catch.
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Personal And Smooth

Our business idea is to help our customers as much as possible. We believe that happy customers lead to success, and we want our customers to see us as their business partners instead of just a host. That is why we aren't hunting for customers, we rather get them one by one with patience.

Quality Over Quantity
Our servers are not being shared by a lot of customers, we rather get more servers then filling them to the top. This results with an extra good server performance.
Quick Setup
Your account will be manually created within 24 hours. By doing things manually we make sure that everything works properly when you receive your product.
SSL Included
When you use hosting from us you get blessed with a cpanel and automatic SSL certificates.
Warm & Quick Support
Every customer is important for us. There are no dumb questions. Feel free to contact us about anything.

Pricing Table

We provide you with reliable hosting and a fair Pricing Plan

Regular Hosting

✓ Your Own Cpanel
✓ PHP & MariaDB
✓ Litespeed
✓ SSL Encryption
✓ Automatic Daily Backups
✓ Transfer Support
Single Website
3x Sub Domains
5x SQL Databases
20 GB Hosting Space
20x Email Accounts
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Premium Hosting

✓ Your Own Cpanel
✓ PHP & MariaDB
✓ Litespeed
✓ SSL Encryption
✓ Automatic Daily Backups
✓ Transfer Support
Multiple Websites  ( Up to 5 )
15x Sub Domains
25x SQL Databases
100 GB Hosting Space
100x Email Accounts
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Special Hosting

If you are looking for something special (e.g. asp hosting), then you are very welcome to contact us with your requirements. We also have partners that work with marketing and web-developing.
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