Get a fast, reliable, and secure website & marketing service tailored to your specific needs.

Larger Firms

Explain your problems several times to different support workers every time you need help.
Get standard replies and delays.

Smaller Firms (Like Us ;))

Personal support that remembers your pain points and your business requirements.
Answers backed by thought and care.
Adaptive to your requirements.

It's not supposed to cost!

The cost is an equation between the marketing price and the revenue. The idea is that you spend a dollar and get much more back.

We specialize in high returns for every dollar spent.
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Personal And Smooth

Our business idea is to help our customers as much as possible. We believe that happy customers lead to success, and we want our customers to see us as their business partners instead of just "an other online service". That is why we aren't hunting for customers, we rather get them one by one with patience.

Quality and Quantity
Quality over Quantity is a common saying, we like to combine them. The content we create is quality content, but we create a larger quantity of it and on a wide range.
We Have The Full Skillset
From website maintenance, to email deliver-abilities, to server maintenance (linux), to web-development, to functionality, to SEO, to CRO, to PPC, to Market Positioning, to (hopefully) whatever you need.
No Up-Front Fees
We pick customers that we trust, and for that reason you won't need to pay any up-front fee for our services. That's quite an unique perk when it comes to this branch, but we are quite an unique company ;)
A No Cuddling Policy
We don't have the time to be warm and cuddly, we focus on business and growth. Hopefully, you are ready! Some might call it "Tough Love".

This text is purely an explanation for payment regulators. But you as a customer might find it interesting too.

The Pricing model we have on In A Rush is a very common model called "negotiation". When a business like ours is approached by a customer, the customer usually wants a good and fair deal.

We consider a good and fair deal, one of those deals when the customer realize the value we provide, and where we can provide value for a payment that motivates us to go the extra mile.

Money happens to be quite a strong motivator, and there's no point in denying that.

For the explained reason, we negotiate the jobs and the payments for them manually.

For small jobs (below 3000 usd) we don't bother with written contracts, unless its something very specific. Written contracts are a waste of time for those that know how pick the right customers and for those that know how to deliver on their promises.

Regarding payments, all jobs we do are done Up-Front. The customer always have the opportunity to dispute the price BEFORE paying for the service.